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La Rosa Cph

La Rosa was never meant to be where it is today in the fashion world.

When we first created La Rosa and its vision, we wanted to create a story of the streets of Copenhagen, tell the story of how ironic the world is, telling how young kids from the streets were inspired by everything in the world and had a dream – but at the same time how, from an early age, they understood how cold and dark this world can become.

Personally we wanted to overcome the barriers of following what is expected of us in this world, to create our own lives and seize the chance to do what our hearts desire and what our minds believe it can achieve, because if the world and the system do what they want and expect us to follow things we do not agree on, then we will create our own world.

Because if they got money for wars but can’t feed the poor, we must confront the truth and the world by rebelling.

We wanted to tell our story through designing clothes just to show the world how far our minds can envision ideas and create a story, and what better way is there than to show your creativity, your mindset and rebellious view in this world through people wearing La Rosa designs everyday in the streets?